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Fearful Wreck Narrowly Averted and other train deaths

Rocky Mountain News Dec 10, 1897

Weekly Rocky Mountain News
Sept 15, 1898

The Fountain Herald - 1888 and 1903

Rocky Mountain News 6-7-1888
 Soon after the great explosion of 1888 and the destruction of the AT&SF depot, the D&RG was petitioned to build a depot in Fountain. 

Note that person requesting this was Mr. Reed, secretery of the Fountain Town and Improvement Company.  If he could secure a depot northeast of town, he would be better about to sell his new town lots there.  

The Fountain Herald 1888

Although the source of these news items is not known, it is likely that an issue from 1888 was reprinted in a later newspaper (after 1936) and comments added.


Residential lots and garden tracts in Warren and Hop- a Fountain addition, were being sold for $100-200 each by FJ Warren in the Ames Bldg.

The Fountain City Investment Company has 400 lots, which sell for $50-75, and several 2-5 acre tracts.  Business lots are $100-250.  Offered by JC Denny.

Curtis and Patton of Colorado Springs were advertising lots in the Hutchins Addition.  Joseph Patton is the agent, with an office in Fountain just west of the Santa Fe tracks on Missouri.

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Pikes Peak News Finder

Did you know that the Pikes Peak Library has indexes of local newspapers, dating back to 1872, online?  The Security Advertiser and Fountain Valley News index currently includes 1958 to 1972.