Census Returns and Business Directories

This page contains names found on the federal censuses, and in business directories that mention Fountain.  There are also photographs of the businesses.  It's possible to see how the town grew, and how businesses changed hands over the decades.

  • Federal Census 1870-1900
  • Colorado Business Directories 1880, 1881, 1888, 1892, 1909-11, 1915, 1920, 1923
  • Sanborn Fire Insurance Map 1914
  • 1937 list of residents and property owners. 1947 El Paso County Directory - some Fountain entries

1870 Federal Census

Settlement in the area was still very rural, and people’s addresses were not recorded on the census.  This is a list of people who got their mail in Fountain, or at the Post Office called El Paso, which was south near the county line.  Birth year, place and occupation are given.

Anea, Jose                       b 1844 NM              farm laborer
Badger, Amos                  b 1811 NY              machinist
Bates, James                    b 1818 PA              farmer
Beeson, William                b 1848 IO              farmer
     (Mrs. V Beeson of Fountain sold eggs in 1900, advertising in the Gazette)

Bell, James F                    b 1824 VA              millwright
Bell, Lance                       b 1837 IL               farm laborer
Benedict, Albert                b 1821 OH             farm laborer
Benning, Sylvester            b 1818 MA             farmer
Bill, John                         b 1838 VA              farm laborer
Birge, Charles                   b 1835 CT              farmer
Blancett, Josiah                 b 1801 KY              farmer
Bowlby, Samuel                b 1827 OH             farmer
Bowman, Wm                   b 1845 OH             stock dealer
Brush, Taylor                    b 1833 PA              agent at sawmill
Burson, Wm                     b 1848 IO              farmer

Castle, Ephraim                 b 1845 OH             farm laborer
Clark, John                      b 1838 IN              farm laborer
Clay, Theodore                 b 1844 Wurttm.      laborer
Colton, John                    b 1844 AL              wood chopper
Copeland, David               b 1829 NC              farm laborer

Davis, Lewis                     b 1828 OH             carpenter
Desbro, Charles                b 1837 NY              farm laborer
Dickson, William               b 1822 England      physician

Ellington, Alpheus             b 1830 KY              farmer
Ensworth, Anthony           b 1840 PA              millwright

Feling, Wm                      b1840 Wurttm.       stock dealer
Foster, Michael                 b 1849 NY              herder
Gaines, Richard                b 1811 DC              stock dealer
Gale, Robert                     b 1839 England      farmer
Geago?, Alfreto                b 1838 NM             farm laborer
Geago, Juan                     b 1846 NM             farm laborer
Given, John                      b 1808 Ireland        farmer
Gleim, Charles                  b 1833 IN              none
Green, Marmaduke            b 1829 OH stock     dealer
Gulchel, Pat                      b 1840 Baden         stock dealer

Hall, Beny                        b 1830 PA              farmer
Holt, Beny                        b 1830 England      farm laborer
Hugitt, George                  b 1816 England      gold miner
Hecks, Thomas                 b 1837?                  herder
Hutchins, Henry                b 1825 OH             stock raising
Hutchins, Isaac                 b 1824 OH              stock raising

Indeini?, Johan                 b 1851 MN              herder
Irion, Robert                     b 1842 OH             farm laborer
Irwin, John                      b 1808 Ireland  [said to have built the first ranch house 10 miles south of Fountain near Wigwam in 1860]

James, Thomas                b 1843 TN              carpenter
Jones, George                   b 1841 IN              laborer
Jones, Robert                   b 1818 Scotland      stock raiser

Killgore, John                   b 1840 OH             farmer

Lerchin, JC                       b 1840 Saxony        saddler
Lincoln, Andrew               b 1830 Sweden       merchant
Liston, Samuel                  b 1843 OH             farmer
Lock, Mathias                   b 1831 Prussia        farmer
Love, John                       b 1837 IL               stock dealer

Lock Family

Mandiero, Antonio            b 1847 NM             farm laborer
Martin, Samuel                 b 1840 England      farmer
Martine, Juan                   b 1845 NM             farm laborer
Milton, John                     b 1841 IL               stock herder
Moody, Derius                  b 1843 OH             farm laborer
Muks, Samuel                   b 1841 NY              blacksmith
Murphy, Pat                     b 1838 Ireland        gardener
Murray, Edwin                  b 1804 NC              farmer
Myer, Lewis                      b 1832 France         beer brewer

Owen, Thomas                 b 1836 RI               farmer
Pastors, Adam                  b 1820 IN               stock raiser
Phillips, Archibald             b 1847 NJ              herder
Priest, Lewis                     b 1824 OH             farm laborer

Redman, Ed                     b 1830 NY              herder
Replogle, Josh                  b 1848 IN              stock dealer
Rhoads, George                b 1827 TN              stock raising
Ring, Harvey                    b 1824 NY              stock raiser
Ring, Joseph                    b 1808 NY              millwright
Ripley, John                     b 1828 PA              farm laborer
Roberts, Samuel               b 1816 KY              farmer
Rodgers, Alfrey                b 1830 England      farm laborer
Rule, Gabriel                    b 1842 Mo              stock raiser
Rule, Thomas R                b 1810 KY              stock raiser
Russel, John                     b 1806 OH             farm laborer

Sanderson, Wm                b 1838 Norway       stock dealer
Smith, Emery                   b 1830 KY              farmer
Squires, Reuben               b 1828 NY              teamster
Squires, William                b 1826 NY              saw mill
Stan, Joseph                    b 1838 IN              herder
Stratton, Henry                 b 1840 IN              teamster
Stubbs, Benj                    b 1841 OH             farmer
Stubbs, Robert                 b 1820 OH              farmer
Swartz, Chas                    b 1837 Hesse          farm laborer
Sweatland, Wm                b 1832 VT              farmer

Templeton, Andrew          b 1836 TN              farmer
Terrell, Amos                    b 1829 OH              farmer
Todd, John                      b 1840 IL               farm laborer
Tribleholey, Andrew          b 1848 WI              RR agent
Tweedle, Wm                   b1818 Scotland       auctioneer

Watson, Cyrus                  b 1888 MO             teamster
Weir, John                       b 1841 NJ              manuf. lumber
Wilson, George                 b 1851 In               laborer
Wood, Richard                  b 1832? NY           stock dealer
Woodbury, James             b 1838 MA              farmer
Woods, Phillip                  b 1838 TN              carpenter
Worden, Ira                     b 1838 NY              blacksmith


1880 Census

These individuals headed households in the village of Fountain.  From their occupations, we can see that there were now a few stores in town.

Butler, Mary Jane              b 1846 OH    widow
Cameron, Julius                b 1854 NC    stock grower
Clark, Joseph                   b 1852 CT    dry goods clerk
Ellington, LC                    b 1847 MO   teamster
Ellington, Alpheus             b 1824 KY    retired farmer
Howard, Daniel                 b 1853 PEI   sheep
Hutchin, Isaac                  b 1825 Oh    farmer
Hutchin, Henry                 b 1826 OH    grocer
 [killed in the train explosion of 1888.] 
Jarvis, William                  b 1846 NY    blacksmith
McKenna, Henry                b 1850 PEI   laborer
Mitchell, Thomas B            b 1830 OH    miner
Nelson, George                 b 1845 Mi     teamster
Newby, William C             b1838 NC     farmer
Perkins, Wm                    b 1827 New Brunswick, stock.
[His grain store was destroyed in the 1888 explosion.]
Sage, John                       b 1847 IN     blacksmith
Wilmot, Acile                    b 1848 WI    shoemaker

Other people who got their mail in Fountain and lived out of town included:

Ames, AE                        b 1818 NY    stock grower
Benedict, Albert J              b 1821 OH    farmer
Bosworth, HP                   b 1841 OH    farmer
Cell, DW                          b 1833 PA    farmer
[his blacksmith shop was destroyed in 1888.]
Corbin, Marcus                 b 1830 MA    stock dealer
Cotton, Oliver M               b1827 IN      farmer
Ellsworth, Oliver               b 1859 WI 
Hall, Benjamin                  b 1828  PA   farmer 
Lock, Mathias                   b 1830 Prussia farmer
Lock, Uhland                    b 1863 CO   
Lockheart, Georgia            b 1846 VA    widow, teacher
Loomis, OS                      b NY 1831    farmer
Love, James E                  b 1836 KY    farmer
Magee, Mary                     b 1838 KY    widow
Neff, James                      b 1840 VA    farmer
Overton, Gildon                b 1824 Eng   farmer
Sweetland, Wm                b 1849 VT    stock
Townsend, John               b 1846 DE    herds cattle
Uber, CC                          b 1851 PA    servant
Wallace WH                      b 1819 PA    farmer
Warren, Margaret              b 1840 NY    widow

Denver Evening Post Sep 22, 1899

The 1900 census for Fountain

Precinct 8
Childs, CC                        b 1856 IO     farmer
Eichel, Ippo                     b 1872 IO     blacksmith
Ellington, Harry L [census taker, owned Fountain Herald News 1899.]
Fugit, Ellis P                     b 1847 IN     farmer
Hinch, John C                   b 1863 IL      farmer
Hinch, William                  b 1861 IL     farmer
Kinder, Isaiah                   b 1853 IL
Klinger, John A                 b 1855 OH    physician
Link, John                        b 1873 MO   hotel keeper
Pettingill, Wesley              b 1877 CO    laborer
Riddock, William               b 1854 Scotland architect
Sublette, SB                     b 1863 KY    telegraph operator
Thompson, Geo S             b 1863 MO   blacksmith
Toothman, Louis A           b 1868 CO   RR labor, Town Marshall 1903
Torbit, Fernando             b 1862 IL, merchant, Fountain Trading Co.
Vandenburg, Isabella        b 1833 IN
Zeiser, Antoine                 b 1856 OH    Druggist

Ippo Eichel
Rancher and deputy sheriff, died at 31

Precinct 9
Christian, Lee                   b 1870 TN    RR foreman
Frazier, Charles                 b 1863 IO
Link, Henry                      b 1850 MO   farmer

City and Business Directories

Similar to the current phone book yellow pages, or business listings, city directories listed the businesses operating in towns and cities, and sometimes also regional landowners.  The Colorado Business Directories list towns, rail stops, populations, shopkeepers, and sometimes ranchers and land owners.

The 1880 Colorado Business Directory listed these sheep growers, all with a Fountain PO address, which stretched for miles in each direction, including east to Hwy 115.  In town, JW Ross sold general merchandise.

HH Cooker
DM Howard
Capt Given
William O’Donahue
WW Perkins
FH Price
Edward Raymond

Cattle Growers listed include:
H Cells
C Ellington
FM Gustin
Gregory and Varnsdale
OS Loomis
EA Smith

In the 1881 Directory they have added these wool growers: JH Ames, Brown and Jones, J Cameron, HH Cookes, DM Howard, Bond and Parmer.  Additional cattle growers were MB Corbin, CJ Croft and G Rhodes.  In the 1883 directory, Hutchin and Irvine were grocers.

A listing from about 1888 showed these merchants in town: AE Ames, real estate, Ames and son, merchandise, AJ Benedict, postmaster, EB Grosskreutz, dry goods, OS Loomis, livery, Robert McCune, lumber, Mrs Mitchell - boarding house, EE Reynolds, physician, FB Ross, merchant, GS
Thompson, blacksmith.  Most of these businesses were on Main Street, south of Ohio, or just off of it. McCune's lumber yard was east on Ohio, and  and AL Zeiser's City Drug Store sat at the northwest corner of Main and Ohio (Advertiser & News, Cobweb Express Sep 1 1999).  A Gazette article from Jan 1, 1889 boasts of two churches that served a population of about 250 people.  About 15 new buildings had been erected, and a new church, town hall and store were planned, as were stock yards.
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Benedict

1892-93 Fountain [with notes from 1880 and 1900 censuses]

Ames, AE     Notary [b1818 NY T15S R66W landowner 1872-1892]
Ames, Alvin (AE’s son)   Merchant [b1860 NY]
Benedict, Albert J    Postmaster [b1821 OH, landlord in town 1900]
Klinger, John A [Owned Brunswick Hotel, town physician in 1900]
Lock, Uhland    Merchant [b1862 CO RR labor in 1900, lived in town]
Mitchell, Mrs. MT lodging house [husband Thomas b1830, miner]
Zeiser, Antoine   Druggist [b 1856 OH, druggist in town 1900]

UH Lock Store, Main Street
Brunswick Hotel, W Missouri

In 1909, PV Brawner was the ATSF and Wells Fargo agent.  The Fountain Free Library was operated by BO Corp [probably in the school]. CW Keys was a physician, and proprietor of the Link Hotel and the livery.  In this year, Miss H Handyside was the pastor of the Free Methodist Episcopal Church on Ohio, the Opera House was run by ML Rhinhart, and FE Torbit  managed the Fountain Trading Company.  Arthur Wolf was Mayor.

1910 CO Bus Directory
1911 Colorado Business Directory - Fountain Listings

Baptist Church, Rev J F Hardy pastor
Boers & White, civil engineers
Brunswick Hotel, Dr C W Keys proprietor, physician
Evans S J, R R & Express agent
Child C C, carpenter and constable
Clarke George, painter
Colgrove F, barber
Colorado Tel Co, Mrs Lucy Eichel exchange manager
Congregational Church, Rev R C Boss pastor
First National Bank, Wm Holmes pres, Hugh Conlogue vice-pres, R G Robinson vice-pres. Sam Frasier cashier
Fountain Herald, T B & Nellie E Pyles proprietors
Fountain Lumber & Supply Co, W P Riddoch mgr
Fountain Merchantile co., Marc Jacobson prop; genl mdse
Fountain Suburban Homes Corp, W G Riddoch treasurer
Fountain Trading Co, E J Barnes mgr; genl mdse

Fountain Mercantile Company, undated
Note from architecture that these are the same building!

Fountain Trading Company, circa 1911

Fountain Valley Land & Irrigation Co, W G Riddoch agent
Frasier, Sam, cashier First Nat Bank; mayor
Gore Mercantile Co, C A Gore mgr; genl mdse
Holmes Wm, pres First Nat Bank
Hotel Fountain, L P O'Reilly prop
Hutchins Grace A, postmaster; stationery
Isely Lumber Co Charles C, J W Isely local mgr
Methodist Church (Free), Rev W W Jellison pastor
Phillips Geo I, real estate, justice peace and town treasurer
Pennington J L, physician
Riddoch W G, real estate and insurance; notary public
Sublette S B, R R and Exp agt
Virden L R, blacksmith
Warner Geo E, hardware
Witter R V, physician and drugs
Wolf Arthur, restaurant
1910 CO Bus Dir Fountain p2

Isely Lumber & Lorig's Clothing Store, Main Street at Ohio. Note the river cobbles used in the construction.
JW Isely was a Justice of the Peace in Fountain in 1912 (Gazette).

This block was built in about 1906-07 by Warner.

West side of Main Street circa 1940s

1914 Sanborn Map. CLICK on any of the images in the blog to enlarge them.

Main and Ohio, southeast corner

Square Deal Garage, east side of Main Street

Fountain Garage, south of Square Deal Garage
Note Ladies Restroom upstairs, and Mountain Water drinking fountain

Main and Ohio, southwest corner

Trading Company, paint shop, Warner Block and City Drug

Main and Ohio, northeast corner

Woodman Hall, northeast Main and Ohio

Main and Ohio, northwest corner

City Drug at northwest corner of Main and Ohio, Congregational Church in back
More photographs of buildings in town can be found on the About Town page.

The 1915 Colorado Directory also included these names for Fountain: physicians JA Clinger and HL Richardson, ATSF agent SJ Evans, D&RG agent SB Sublett, Torbit and Slife's Fountain Trading Company, Edwin Houghton - insurance, Grace Hutchins - postmistress, CC Child of the Link Hotel, OS Loomis livery, George Phillips - notary and Justice of the Peace, and Thompson and Eichel, blacksmiths.

In 1920, Johnny Aldridge and SJ Evans were railroad agents. Doctors RO Broadway and PJ Hilgendorf had moved into town.  LA Toothman had taken over management of the Brunswick Hotel and Joseph Collins ran the livery.  With the spread of the automobile, Continental Oil had storage in town, and the Orcutt Brothers ran the Fountain Garage on Main Street, and Virden's Garage was opposite the High School.  Loren Gore was postmaster and RL Hunt was the school principal.  For entertainment we find A Wolf selling ice cream and candy, several restaurants and GR Johnson's billiards and cigars.

By 1923 the changes included the Electric Light Plant, managed by LR Templeton.  Rev CS Thomas was at the Baptist Church and Rev GS Upton at the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Johnson was now managing the Fountain Theatre.

Orcutt's Park Filing Station 1923

This partial list of Fountain residents and property owners dates from 1937.  It was copied from a directory housed at Special Collections, but the title of the source is not known.  Individuals with the same surname are lumped together.  The original page gives some land descriptions, but is difficult to read. My thanks to Patrice for tirelessly searching these Archives for Fountain facts.

Christian, Ernest, Lee railroad section foreman, Martin Arapahoe food store,
       Robert merchant manager
Colbert, DC farmer
Collins, JO sales
Colorado, Angel laborer, Jose laborer
Conlogue, Mattie railroad
Cordova, JB laborer
Cortez, AM
Cossel, Olen gas and oil dealer
Croak, Albert
Cunningham, H service station, OA oil station
Davis, WL railroad
Dean, Jack laborer
Denguero, Juan J laborer
Dewey, EG railroad operator
Diltz, AK retired, RG laborer
Dissier, FL
Duran, Mrs J, Joe laborer, John railroad section, Lucas laborer, Mary Jane

1937 directory

       school teacher
Fox, Essie, Marvin laborer
Frankenstein, Sallie
Galdin, WR Justice of peace
Gaut, Isaac
Gearhart, AL, Edgar
Gilliland, MA feed mill
Gladin, Quentin airport employee
Gleck, Charles, Herman, William
Grubb, Elmer E
Gulaar, Rev Jose pastor
Harnes, AS trucking business
Hudson, JW physician, drug company
Huff, Mrs HT
Jackson, J Roy, Roy, WS
Janson, CP auctioneer
Jaramilo, Faustin farmer
Johnson, AC carpenter, Ernest, JK, JO, Mary, Oscar J
Jones, Mary E
Josephs, Roswell asst head master, Fountain Valley School
Kerr, George oil station, James
Keys, Mrs Jesse
Lacy, George
Lawless, Charles, CT
Louer, George laborer
Love, AL, RE
McAuliff, Pat F retail operator, Miss P
McClure, AT
McCombs, Sarah
McDowell, HA, OB
McGee, Thomas
Mcowan, PC ditch rider
Miller, Delila teacher, TA retired
Monk, FH hardware merchant
Morris, Mary
Oldenstadt, LF
Orcutt, AE garage
Overton, PW
Peak, Harry F WPA supervisor
Pedroza, Gabino laborer
Peebles, Clare barber shop
Pelphrey, UG laborer
Perea, Felix laborer
Perriman, Frank
Pezoldt, Raymond
Remington, ME
Rinehart, ML
Rice, AF farmer, Ralph
Rivera, Joe, Juan G laborer
Salmon, Virgil
Sample, Kenneth J dairy and milk route, Mamie, W
Sanborn, Mable P WPA director
Sayers, AM city clerk
Seymour, George, Leonard, Lloyd
Stowall, Alma
Suter, JD
Sweeney, Anna
Templeton, LR electrician
Torbit, Charles A railroad mail, Rose, WA school janitor
Townsend, Mary
Trujillo, Henry laborer, Max farmer, Pete J laborer, Tom
Tye, Joseph H
Wallace, Fred R. railroad employee, Sallie
Ward, Alfred R, railroad,
West, H Horton
Wolf, Arthur retired, D Carlos

1947 El Paso County Directory - A surnames in Fountain
Abeyto Antonio M Camp Carson Fntn *
Abeyto Joe G lab Fntn *
Abeyto Thomas lab Fntn *
Adams Geo D & Ida rancher 8-16-65 (E*) bx 691 Fountain CS *
Aragon (Mary) Fountain *
Rocky Mountain News Jan 18 1879