Monday, December 2, 2013

An Internal Index to the Research Pages

To aid in your search this is a partial index of the Research Pages at right:

About Town
Joe Vasquez still raiding party
     1871 plat of town and businesses at the time, Society of Friends or Quaker church, Fire and Police Departments and the town jails, history of town founding, Lincoln Trading Post and Charter Oak Ranch, mountain water 1911-13, excerpts from the Fountain Herald 1921-24, photographs of businesses, and highlights from the Commercial Club annual of 1919, 1940 with Torbit history, 1948 and prohibition, Post Office history, John Metcalf, Walt Fortman

Bulkley Files
     Harkins grave, Dead Man's Canyon ghosts, maps of Fountain, Cherokee Trail, Post Office history, Spicer murder

Census Returns and Business Directories
     Federal Census 1870-1900
     Colorado Business Directories 1880-81, 1888, 1892, 1909-11, 1915, 
          1920, 1923
     Sanborn Fire Insurance Map 1914

Fountain Schools and town memories
     History of schools, students, teachers.  Town history written by Daisy Torbit, and 1960 letters recalling history and memories of Fountain. 

Fountain Valley
     Notes on the Ring Ranch, 1882 water rights, 1900-40s agriculture, 1943 plane crash, 1950 fires and the 1965 tornado.

Juicy Gossip
     Oldest womanin county, Fairview Cemetery and the unknown grave, Van Endert and Hastings murders, Countryside ghosts, Spicer murder, Mayor Kane and the abortionist, the Ark ghosts, Johnny Lindermood murder of 1920, the hanging of Wild Bill

People of Fountain Page:
     Fountain Mayors, Civil War Veterans, founding families: Aga, Barela, Benedict, Christian, Godding, Howells, Hutchin, Imes, Irion, Kane, Kraus, Link, Loomis, Love, Monk, Morse, Niles, Orcutt, Powell, Pyles, Rice, Riddock, Rock, Sample, Thompson, Torbit, Wallace, Whalen, Wilson and Wolf

The Railroads
     History of the railroads in Fountain, accidents through the years, photographs, and newspaper transcripts of the great 1888 explosion

Remember When
     Stories of the Great Depression, 1935 Memorial Day flood, food rationing, Christmas, Halloween pranks, theater

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