Friday, May 20, 2011

Why do so many people think Fountain is haunted?

The blogger service allows me to see what you are searching for when you query google or another site for information, and are directed to this website.  A number of searches each week are related to ghosts and murders.  Now historically there were not many murders here, but there were a number of tragic deaths.  These deaths can likely be attributed to the times and not the place, and with changes in modern medicine and safety, such events are less likely to occur.

Weekly Gazette Sep 26, 1901
Mary Musser, wife of John, was born in about 1865.  She seems to have been his second wife, according to the census.  Although the Gazette says that she would be buried at the Fountain Cemetery, she does not appear in that index, or at Evergreen in the Springs.

Weekly Gazette Jun 12, 1902

Weekly Gazette May 8, 1901

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